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Weekly Club Rides: March 10-15
All SCC riders and guests are welcome. Our club rides are free and open to the public. If you plan on participating regularly in the club rides, we encourage you to join the club. Details on joining the SCClub are pinned at the top of the Facebook page.

Please post up if you plan to attend, it encourages others and the route/time may very well change otherwise.

If you plan to ride a more comfortable pace and feel confident leading a "less suffering" option, please post up.

As always, the "You're a Grown Man" rules apply*
1) No whining, no complaining, and no excuses
2) Be self sufficient. That means a minimum of packing a spare tube, a way to inflate it, and the tools and experience necessary to apply it. Otherwise, you need to wag a cell phone and have a buddy with a truck. We wont leave you for dead, but we may very well finish the ride before returning with the SAG wagon.
3) Know enough about the route to get back if you get separated.
4) Have respect for the group and be punctual.

*none of the grown man rules apply to the First Lady's Ride

Buddy Perdue:
I will be riding Wednesday if anyone would like to join in on my fun ride day. 2 hours with 4-3' hill repeats at a comfortable VO2 max. I will post a route and time later today.

2pm @ Spring Park - 3x Hawk Pride Repeats!
Its a short commute to&fro, but the repeats will be unpleasant, for sure.
Feel free to attend and skip the suffering. The rest of the ride will be pretty dang easy doodling out and a downhill cruise coming in.
2pm@The UNA Fountain for a comfy 90' ride out to the SCCCircuit
It's flat and fast, but I so very promise NOT to be driving the pace. Consider this a recovery effort (assuming I actually get a vote with this crew). I fully expect there to be some guys tack on a few extra miles here. Stay tuned.

-----Saturday Morning SCClub Ride ------
*** SCClub Meeting/Recovery Party Saturday Night***
****see pinned posts for details****

2 options for Lovin' the SCClub Life

The First Lady's Ride - ***11:00AM*** - 75 to 90 minutes
Join Emily and the vast majority of the club through the dead flat plains of Leighton, Alabama. The road surface is silky smooth and buttery glass (except one wee tiny section). You can't get lost, you wont be alone, and I guarantee it'll be fun or we will give you a homemade muffin and some freshly brewed strawberry tea.


Need a bigger dose for your Saturday morning?
Join Frank and the boys 2.5 hours of some nice, cush riding.
10:00am send off
The route heads over to Tuscumbia via the Keller route, then joins into the old SCClub Retro Loop along the river's edge before an optional squirt up the Knob. Then its a dead flat cruise back in time to join up with the rest of the crew for some socializing.

-------Sunday -------
Feel free to join me for any part of my commute to and from the TdS ride. I promise it'll be flat and fast!
later alligator!
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08-20-2017 08:49

Larry G
09-06-2016 03:34
2016 Larry's LIVESTRONG Loop details posted in Weekend Rides section. Join us on Sept 24!

shawny mack
02-23-2016 03:15

Larry G
08-26-2014 06:34
Larry's LiveStrong Loop details are up in Weekend Rides section. See you on September 27!

Larry G
08-21-2014 01:55
Larkin Memorial Ride will now be 41 miles (was 50) with less climbing.